Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i just wanna be with u..

Just Dnt Leave ME Alone Here Without YOU


Ana keda said...

isa so soon ya 7ababity he will come back even lw hwa mgash try to go on wz your life agian sure there will be some thing you missed but try to come over it sweaty i miss you so much ya roz

Sometimes said...

وحشانى يا لولو
يارب تكونى بخير
الصورة تجنن
ربنا يحققلك اللى تتمنيه كله يارب
وانا كمان:D

مي كامل said...

well actually i don't know u :)
this is my first visit :)
but i just love how u use Twilight in expressing ur mood

Signature : A twilight Addict :)))))

My Regards

david santos said...

Great! Congratullations!
Happy New Year!

I'm The CraZy One said...

hiiiii ana awel mara ad5ool 3andek :D:D

nice post

maha said...

سلام عليك يا nonou
ممكن تبعتي الميل الخاص بيكي علي " ghorbetwatan@yahoo.com"لدعوتك لقراءة المدونة الخاصة بيا :)

Hager Za3bal said...
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Hager Za3bal said...

صوره جامده
فيلم جامد
حوار جامد
وبوست جامد :)